Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babywise Principles

                                                   BABYWISE PRINCIPLES
                                                         By Merlene Bishop

A  book  first published in 1994 on the subject of infant care, Babywise principles is focused on helping
mothers achieve a middle ground between two schools of thought regarding infant sleep and feeding.
One school of thought advocates feeding and sleeping schedules based on baby's needs, the other based
on a mother-centered approach that adheres to a strict schedule of infant feeding and sleeping.
The book advocates feeding and sleeping schedules rather than on the baby's cries and body language.

The book's principles have become widely popular throughout the world, but they are controversial and
have been associated with newborn health problems of weight gain failure and undernourishing.
Additonally, the advice is in opposition to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although one of the
book's authors is a Pediatrician, the co-author is a pastor with no medical background. Parents should be
alert to these contrasting approaches, and also should be aware that the book is marketed as medically

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